Personal Trainers: Consider Adding Nutrition Services?

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Personal Trainers: Consider Adding "Nutrition Consulting" to your practice...or a mutual referral program with a Registered Dietitian you trust.

Personal Trainers:  you may want to consider adding “personal nutrition consulting” as part of your client services.

For example, Registered Dietitians often provide the following services:

Nutritional Consultations

  • A private consultation to establish nutritional goals, evaluate behavior patterns and eating habits and develop a personalized meal plan to optimize nutrient intake.

Nutrition And Healing

  • Find out how diet and supplements can help you. Receive a private consultation along with an individualized nutrition and supplement plan specific to your health concerns.

Comprehensive Weight Control

  • A personalized weight loss program that includes a consultation along with nutrition education, behavior modification and an individualized eating program which maximizes energy and eliminates food cravings.

Presurgical Evaluations

  • An individualized plan which optimizes health prior to surgery and facilitates healing after surgery.

Optimal Health And Wellness Evaluations

  • A comprehensive evaluation of all the body’s intricate organ systems along with supplement recommendations to improve overall health.

Health Questionnaire Analysis.   See more at this link:   Meta-eHealth.

TO PERSONAL TRAINERS:  The reason the preceding is mentioned is because it may:

Enhance your value to your clients:  While you (Personal Trainers) may not be able to provide the same depth as a fully Registered Dietitian, you could provide “introductory” nutritional expertise that may enhance the overall value you provide your clients, in addition to the physical training expertise you normally provide.

Partner with an RD:  You may want to consider partnering with an established Registered Dietitian in your area i.e. where you refer your clients to them, and vice versa.   It would be a win / win for all, and especially the client since they are getting a referral from someone they know and trust.

Effective Resources:  We are just starting this blog…but over time, we hope to provide the ‘best of the best’ resources, plus free books, that you can use to  introduce your clients to the value of proper nutrition.  Plus, I’ll try to modify professional marketing tools and templates I’ve created in other industries – to help your efforts.  So far, everything on the site is free.  Someday we may charge a nominal $1 fee every now and then for the really “difficult to construct” tools, but for the most part, everything will be free. Good luck and we hope this helps.  Your efforts help a lot of people live a more fulfilling life.


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