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For Registered Dietitians: Creating a Business and Marketing Plan — 10 Steps to Success

Marketing Plan

Creating a Marketing Plan is An Important First Step


Here are other good recommendations for new Registered Dieticians who are just getting started:

Dietitians may resist writing a business and marketing plan for a number of reasons, including fear of committing to an idea, lack of understanding the concept and the need for a business and marketing plan, and lack of interest in turning ideas into action.

But creating a plan is the first key to success… see this link for more detail: Creating a Business and Marketing Plan — 10 Steps to Success.


English: Structure of the kidney

Handout to use on your blog or website

Dietary consultants may want to use this Handout (PDF) to enhance their practice. You can post it on your website or blog and give to your clients. It is titled, HANDOUT: Eating Right For Kidney Health. What you eat and drink can help slow down chronic kidney disease. Some foods are better for your kidneys than others. Cooking and preparing your food from scratch can help you eat healthier.

These tips will help you eat right as you manage your CKD. The First Steps to Eating Right (pages 1 and 2) are important for all people with CKD. The Next Steps to Eating Right (page 3) may become important as your kidneys slow down. Work with your dietitian to choose the right foods for you.

Click here for the download page.

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