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BROCHURE: Healthy Eating and Arthritis. #nutrition, #health coach, #dietitian

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To Dietitians:  The aim of this booklet is to explain what makes up a healthy diet and what foods, if any, might be particularly beneficial or bad for people with arthritis.  It may be a helpful handout to share with your clients.
Eating a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight can have a huge impact on your overall well-being and your arthritis. As well as ensuring that your body has all the essential nutrients to function, eating healthily may help reduce the symptoms of arthritis both directly and by reducing the stress on your joints through weight loss. If you are underweight, a balanced diet should help you overcome exhaustion and gain healthy weight.

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12 Dietary Changes that Will Lower Your Cancer Risk

Endoscopic image of colon cancer identified in...

Endoscopic image of colon cancer identified in the sigmoid colon on screening colonoscopy for Crohn's disease

This link is good for identifying some foods that contribute to the development of cancer.  

Also other foods that lessen the risk.

The following anti-cancer diet greatly lowers your risk of colorectal cancer and nearly all other types of cancers.

It can also prevent cardiovascular disease. For people with a genetic tendency toward colorectal cancer, it is not just an option, it’s a lifesaving necessity.  See more details at:  12 Dietary Changes that Will Lower Your Cancer Risk



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A tip I read about:  “If you’re having trouble sleeping, try this salty tip:  At bedtime, drink a glass of water, then let a pinch of salt dissolve on your tongue, making sure it doesn’t touch the roof of your mouth.  Studies have shown that the combination of salt and water can induce a deep sleep”.

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