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Why Americans Are Delaying Financial Independence: A Visual Guide

Buzz Aldrin walks on the moon, July 20, 1969

People + Perseverance Make Great Things Happen

Keep the faith…  Why Americans Are Delaying Financial Independence: A Visual Guide

How often should you visit the doctor?

The Medicial City Doctors

The Medicial City Doctors (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good reference especially for guys (like me, John Hudson) who sometimes chickened out of going to the doctor.   I had not gone for 20+ years and was scared to death, but finally went a few years ago after I met my wife, Celeste.  I was expecting to have every possible thing wrong with me… so when the doctor said I was fine, it took a while to set in.  Now the doctors bug me and I go on an annual schedule.  But for all guys out there that put it off like I did…it may not be nearly as bad as you think.  This article suggests how often to see your General Practitioner, Dentist, and Optometrist.

Click here for:  How often should you visit the doctor?

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