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BROCHURE: for Celiacs Age 60+…A good resource to help seniors with this disease

Contemplation #2

After age 60 extra care is needed

The following brochure is designed with the mature celiac in mind, from the font size to the content. It addresses issues specific to the mature newly diagnosed celiac or their caregiver.

Click here for:  New Brochure Available for Celiacs Age 60+


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HANDOUT: FOOD SAFETY FOR OLDER ADULTS...Use to enhance your nutrition practice.

Dietary consultants may want to use this Handout (PDF) to enhance their practice. You can post it on your website or blog and give to your clients:

TO Older Adults:  this 19 page booklet is designed to provide practical guidance on how to reduce your risk of foodborne illness. In addition to this practical guidance, we encourage you to check with your physician or health care provider to identify food and other products that you should avoid.

Work with your dietitian to choose the right foods for you.

Click here for the download page

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